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The Facility

Cookstown Dental Centre is located in the heritage building at 9 Queen St on the main floor accesible from the main street. The Dental Centre has been designed and built with the patient’s comfort, privacy, convenience and accesibility in mind. Full accessibility to the clinic is ensured for people of all needs. Parking is available in a spacious lot adjacent to the building and accessible from the main street, as well as street parking. Our facility is wheelchair accessible all throughout.


When you arrive for your appointment we will be expecting you. You will be warmly greeted by our team, and we welcome you to get comfortable in the patient lounge. When you arrive you will be warmly greeted by our team and we welcome you to get comfortable in the patient lounge:

  • Relaxing, quiet environment to soothe your mind before your appointment
  • Beverage counter for patient enjoyment
  • Kids' Area for your children to play and have fun


Shortly after, our friendly staff will usher you to the clinical room where you will be cared for and looked after by your dentist and dental assistant or your hygienist if you are coming for your oral hygiene care. Our clinic rooms and dental operatories have been designed to be spacious and comfortable for the patient while maintaining efficiency and swiftness in workflow for the team. Our central sterilization room has been equipped to ensure the safety, prevention and control of health hazards within our facility for everyone. We have installed a specialized air purification system to ensure the environment is full of clean air and all bio aerosols that are generated during dental procedures are eliminated everyday.


Following your dental appointment let our staff know if you are interested in a tour of our facility and it will be our pleasure.