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Tooth Bonding (White Fillings)

Tooth Bondings aka White Fillings

At Cookstown Dental Centre, we offer white composite fillings aka Tooth Bonding

White fillings or Tooth Bonding can be sculpted to have a natural tooth like appearance and can be matched to your natural tooth colour.

Advances in modern dentistry have made the use of metal fillings obsolete in most cases. After many years metal fillings can have a negative effect on your teeth such as breaking your tooth. Too often Dr. Khalid treats emergencies that are related to fractured teeth with metal fillings. It is best to replace old and worn down metal fillings with white fillings.

White fillings are designed to provide long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results but also to restore and strengthen a tooth. In fact, most white fillings, unlike the old metal fillings, involve removing less natural tooth during a cavity-filling procedure.

When Dr. Khalid provides treatment like white fillings we will need 20 to 40 minutes appointments. When you need many fillings then we either do it all within one hour or split the work into two or more appointments.

Dr. Khalid restores full smile makeovers with white fillings and bonding. Certain smiles are greatly enhanced with just white tooth bonding. Here is a blog post by our teeth that discusses smile makeovers further.  Your may need more than just white fillings for your smile makeover then review this website for more information (click here)

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