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Dental Team

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Our experienced and professional dental team

Finding an experienced and professional dental team is easier than ever. Our great dentist and specialized dental team give you the attention, care and professionalism that enhance your overall health. Read the testimonials of our patients to learn about our passion for high quality dentistry (Click here).

Our Approach:

We are a patient-centered team who listen to you attentively and understand your wants. We always explain to you clearly our dental findings and ensure you have a solid understanding of your options. We spend the time with you to ensure you understand how your treatment plans truly improve your life and health. When you feel confident in the decisions you make for your oral health and their value to your lifestyle then we will proceed. During delivery of our services to you we are swift, caring, detailed and proficient.

Dental Team Goals:

Our staff are intelligent, experienced and empathetic who pursue further training annually to learn new skills and stay current. We believe dental treatment is only as good as the minds and the hands delivering it. And because of our continuous enhanced skills and work ethic you can expect the following:

  1. We offer you the up to date information you need to pursue a healthy smile.
  2. Our dental advice to you is sage, smart and thoroughly researched.
  3. Our relationships with you are deep and extend beyond just the dental procedure.
  4. We make a great team to serve and care for your dental concerns, needs and wants.

This team goes the extra mile and answers all of your questions, so feel free to ask away (message us here, we get back to your within 24-28 hours)! Here is a brief description about our experienced and professional dental team:

Dr. Anwar Khalid

Doctor of Dental Surgery, Experienced and Professional Dentist

Dr. Khalid completed his a Doctor of Dental Surgery training at Western University in London, Ontario. He then practiced dentistry for the Canadian armed forces all across Canada. Dr. Khalid practiced alongside many experienced mentors who taught him the most effective techniques dentistry. Some of these techniques relate to in restorative, surgical, endodontic, orthodontic and implant dentistry. As a dentist Dr. Khalid provides you with dental treatment that will enhance your overall well being and health.

For a list of Dr. Khalid trainings and qualifications click here.

Our Experienced and Professional Dental Team