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Cookstown Dentist: Dr. Anwar Khalid


Cookstown Dentist: Dr. Anwar Khalid

Doctor of Dental Surgery

"I was blessed with mentors who taught me the latest techniques in restorative, surgical, endodontic, pediatric, orthodontic and implant dentistry." - Dr. Khalid

Dr. Khalid, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Cookstown Dentist, Emergency Dentist. (LinkedIn)

After graduating from Western University with a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dr. Khalid practiced dentistry for the Canadian armed forces across Canada. Dr. Khalid opened Cookstown Dental Centre in 2018 and became Cookstown Dentist for all the residents in our areas. Dr. Khalid provides you with dental advice and treatment that is best for you. He prides himself in providing complete Painless Dentistry.

Dr. Khalid’s Trainings and Qualifications:

1. Anterior Composite Artistry & Posterior Composites That Last
2. Restoring Single-Unit Implant-Supported Restorations
3. Incorporating Sleep and Clear Aligner Therapy
4. Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
5. Oral Sedation & Nitrous Oxide Sedation
6. Clear Aligners, Invisalign and Clear Correct; Basic and Advanced training in biomechanics and alignments of the dentition.
7. Treatment Planning and Comprehensive Sequencing of Complex aesthetic Cases of Patients with Severe Tooth Wear
8. Hands-On Dental Implant Mini Residence Program: Prosthetic Courses
9. Introduction to Implant Surgery
10. Basic Life Support
11. Clinical Oral Surgery Advanced and Complex cases Hands On training.
12. Advanced Clinical Dentistry
13. Pain Control and Nitrous Oxide Anxiolysis
14. Infection Prevention and Control in the Dental Office
15. Medical Emergency, Crisis Management, Active Shooter, Managing Angry and Violent Behavior in the Dental Office Training.
16. Introduction to Military Law
18. Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
19. Clinical Endodontics Course at Base Borden, Ontario.

Enjoy this video of one the many happy patients treated at Cookstown Dental.